Increasing Your Profits by Eliminating Self Doubt | ft. Mike the Australian

11 - Increasing Your Profits by Eliminating Self Doubt ft. Mike the Australian


How will your life be different, once you decide to change?


This is a special client spotlight episode with Mike the Australian, and his exciting story of how he was able to transform his life with the methods and techniques that I’ve developed on the Identity Factor. You’ll hear him describe how he’s now more confident, aware, and making lots more money. 


Listen to how Mike went through a dark period in his life where he was experiencing anxiety, self doubt, and other limiting beliefs. But after a traumatic experience, he realized that the only thing that would change his life was to start with the identity that he wanted, and then re-engineer the process to become who he needed to be. 


Mike shares the powerful role that hypnosis played in actually helping him to take control of his identity and reprogram all of the negative beliefs that were holding him back. Instead of trying to deal with his problems intellectually, hypnosis gave him a true awareness of what was informing his identity, so he could start taking action.


Since his transformation, Mike is healthier, happier and he’s gotten the confidence to earn up to 25x more in his personal business than he was before. Mike is also a certified hypnotist, and he’s been able to use his success to help others.


Listen to this episode and you’ll hear a real life example of someone who transformed every aspect of his life using the methods discussed here on The Identity Factor, once he decided to stop waiting and start taking action.


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