You Can't Stop Procrastination - But You Can Do This

12 - You Can’t Stop Procrastination...But You Can Do This


Learn how the top 1% get stuff done in spite of the same struggles you experience 


This is a mini - episode. It’s short and to the point.


The point? 


You can defeat procrastination. You can get more stuff done once you accept that you can’t stop procrastination - but you can respond to it in a more productive way. 


I’ll show you how in this short, ten minute episode.  


What you’ll learn in this episode


  • The most productive people experience the same internal conflicts and negative emotions that you do, and they get more done. You can too - I’ll explain how


  • Procrastination creates fear, guilt, and negative emotions. This negative emotional response is what stops you from being productive


  • It’s literally impossible to stop procrastinating. And that’s okay 


  • You can stop the guilt and negative emotions associated with procrastination. When you do this, you’ll get more done. Plus, you’ll feel less guilty! 


  • I’ll explain how - it’s simple

Share Your AHA Moment


Every episode should have an AHA moment that just clicks with you. It’s important to focus on one thing you learn from each episode and then WRITE THAT DOWN. You’ll be amazed to see that it really sticks with you after doing this one simple thing.


Of course, that’s going to be different for everyone, so I’d love to hear about yours. Let me know about your AHA moment by emailing me at [email protected]


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