Eliminating Anxiety ft. Dan Candell The Anxiety Relief Guy

13 - Eliminating Anxiety ft. Dan Candell The Anxiety Relief Guy


    Dan Candell teaches you his 5-step method to reduce anxiety plus a lot more!


    This episode is an interview with Dan Candell, widely considered to be a leading expert in anxiety relief. Dan is also a professional hypnotist who has used his expertise to overcome his own anxiety after experiencing a traumatic panic attack. 


    If you experience anxiety in your life, then Dan’s experience and success can help you stop this limiting behavior.


    Dan explains one of his key insights - anxiety is a learned behavior that you developed in order to solve a problem. After your problem resolved itself, anxiety persisted in your life as a habit. 


    The good news is that you can change the habit of anxiety, by shifting your perspective. In this episode, Dan and I will explain to you what this means and how to do it. 


    Dan also breaks down five steps that anybody can follow in order to tackle a specific habit of anxiety. You can use this five-step method to break a habit that is limiting you. 


    You’ll also learn about the Carryover Effect - which means that once you are able to break one anxious habit, you’ll soon be able to carry this over into other parts of your life and eliminate any habit of anxiety that is limiting you.


    Start listening now and learn how to eliminate anxiety in your life!


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