Ethical Influence Business Hacks ft. Jason Linett 

  • 14 - Ethical Influence Business Hacks ft. Jason Linett


Hear how Jason went from making $47 to making a living by using the power of hypnosis to increase sales


You know your business can change people’s lives...but you just don’t have the right words to inspire your clients to take action.


Not yet. 


After listening to Jason’s story and philosophy, you’ll learn how to construct a business plan that seamlessly connects your story to your client’s needs. Learn how Jason uses the power of ethical hypnosis to help business owners increase their productivity, generate more sales, and change lives.


In this episode we’ll talk about: 


  • What is hypnosis and how it can help you eliminate limiting habits and automate positive behaviors
  • You already hypnotize yourself - learn how to do it better
  • What Jason means when he says that ‘anything explained in advance is education, but anything explained afterwards is an excuse.”
  • How to own your own story to craft your identity - and make more money
  • Finally, Jason breaks down a simple 3-step process for making more sales that you don’t want to miss


Start listening now and learn how to use identity to hack your business!


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