Silencing Imposter Syndrome ft. Lori Hammond  

Ep. 15 - How to Beat Imposter Syndrome ft. Lori Hammond


Lori will teach you two methods to beat imposter syndrome and take control of your life!


Lori used hypnosis to manage decades of depression and take control of an eating disorder that was controlling her life. Since that time she’s used her knowledge and experience of hypnosis to help others take control and find the power to change. 


One of things that Lori deals with the most is something that she’s labelled “The Imposter Monster.” 


We talk about what it means when you have an inner critic holding you back, how every successful person feels this way, and how you can achieve success and achieve your goals in spite of imposter syndrome.


In this episode we’ll talk about: 


  • What Imposter Syndrome is and how to beat it
  • What hypnosis is and how it puts you in control
  • How you can beat Imposter Syndrome by getting out of your comfort zone
  • How every “but” is just a limiting belief holding you back
  • Finally learn what it means when I say that “at every level, there’s another devil” 
  • AND Lori teaches two different strategies for beating Imposter Syndrome that you can start using today!


Check out Lori Hammond’s podcast, Silence the Imposter Monster here


Go to her website for more information on her work here


Start listening now and learn how to beat Imposter Syndrome and take control!

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