Value Before Profit & Leveraging Your 'Why' | ft. Chris Green

  • 16 - Value Before Profit & Leveraging Your 'Why' | ft. Chris Green


Chris Green is the Godfather of Amazon, and in this episode he shares with you all of his knowledge about making money on the internet


This episode is filled with so much useful and “too good to be true” content that I’m releasing the full, uncut conversation. Chris went from being teased for being poor when he was young to someone who’s now built a million dollar business FIVE times. And he sits down to tell us how.


Make sure you catch that.


He built a business worth at least one million dollars. 


And he did it FIVE TIMES. 5 x 💰!!!


Chris has been using the internet to build businesses for 22 years...and he’s still going. He knows what it takes to be a digital entrepreneur and in this conversation he shares all the wealth of his knowledge. 


You're going to learn that YOU ALREADY have what it takes to create profit by providing value based on what you love. It sounds too good to be true, but the online space makes this more possible than ever. 


Chris is THE expert when it comes to Amazon, and he’ll show you how he has created successful businesses using Amazon’s free, easy to use programs..


In this episode you'll learn: 


  • Practical tips for stepping out of the 9 - 5


  • What ‘Retail Arbitrage’ is... from the man who coined the phrase


  • Before you make one million dollars, you need to make $100K. Sounds obvious, but Chris explains why it’s important


  • You'll learn about all the different programs on Amazon. After this episode you’ll know about FBA, KDP, and Merch, and guess what? They’re all easy ways of making 💰💰💰


  • “When you pay, you pay attention” - Chris will explain what this means...and why it’s key


  • AND Chris is going to explain THE NUMBER ONE factor for successful selling on Amazon


Check out Chris’ website for more helpful info on how to be a digital entrepreneur with Amazon here


Start listening now and learn all this free, valuable information from the master himself, Chris Green!

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