What Are Habits?

Why is something so simple so important?

Habits are something you do repeatedly - and they’re not just actions, but also your emotional responses. And everything you have (or don’t have) in this life, is a direct result of the habits you’ve developed.

So how does a person go about changing a habit? 

In this episode, you’re going to learn what habits are and why you must change your habits if you want to change your life. In order to change a habit, you need more than willpower--you have to address it at a brain-based level of the subconscious to effect lasting change.


What you’ll learn in this episode:

Can habits overcome our basic sense of self-preservation?

What do people mean when they talk about the “lizard brain?”

Do we have the power to control our subconscious? (Hint: the answer is yes)

Why do we do things that we know are bad for us?


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