How to Train Your Brain for Success - Part 1

8 - How to Train Your Brain for Success - Part 1


    Your organs are what keep your body alive, right? Your heart pumps blood throughout your body and your lungs pull in the oxygen that you need. Your other organs do...other stuff, but you get the point, right? Your organs are designed for one overall goal - that’s to keep you alive.


    Your brain is the same. It’s just another organ in the body - an incredibly amazing and complicated organ - but at the end of the day, it’s designed for the same goal. 


    That’s right, to keep you alive. 


    Your brain does the same thing as the other organs, but it doesn’t work quite the same way. Your brain isn’t built just to pump blood or remove toxins or whatever the rest of our organs do. It’s designed to make that complex organism known as “you” successful.


    Because when you’re successful, what does that mean? It means you’re alive.


    And that’s what your brain works very hard to do. Your brain wants to make you successful to keep you alive. And just as your other organs need vitamins and nutrients and a healthy lifestyle in order to do their job, your brain also needs something very specific from you in order for it to work.


    That’s what this episode is about. It’s about helping your brain get what it needs from you in order to help you succeed. Remember, your organs keep your body alive, and your brain is just another organ. Your brain works to help you succeed in order to keep you living. But you have to know how it works in order to get your brain in shape.  


    Listen to this episode to learn how to train your brain for the success you want. 


    What we’ll talk about in this episode


    • We all know that our brain is incredibly powerful. Learn how to use that power


    • Your subconscious MUST respond to the conscious thoughts you are feeding it. Learn how to control that so that it responds the way you want


    • Put an address in your gps, and it takes you where you want to go. Your brain works the same way to take you to your goals in life. Learn how to use that power 


    • Thoughts are habits of your mind, and your internal habits create your external habits. Learn how to harness the brain to create the habits you need to succeed


    • Wanting success and happiness isn’t enough. Your brain needs tangible goals, and if you won’t be successful if you’re not making this crucial step for success


    • Reverse engineer what success looks like. Stop wasting time on “next steps” that never end and start focusing on the final goal that you really want


    • Finally, I’m going to talk about a mind-blowing science experiment that...quite frankly is pretty crazy. But it demonstrates the science behind all of this and why it’s so important to realize just how powerful our brains actually are


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