Coping With the Presidential Election 

9 - How to cope with the election


If you’re reading this now, then the 2020 presidential election is over, so you may be tempted to pass this one up, but this is content that matters even more today.


Let me explain why. 


The purpose of this podcast is to help you form the right identity that you need to be successful in life. To help you reach the goals that you want and get the happiness that you deserve.


To do this you need to learn what you can control in your life and accept what you cannot. Unfortunately, people often confuse the two. Many of us fail to control the habits we should and instead turn our attention and energy to things outside of our control.


This only leads to more misery and lack of success in your personal life. And you don’t want that. 


If you don’t believe me, think about someone in your life who is consumed by politics and ask yourself, “is this person happy?” If that person is you, then ask yourself, “am I happy?” 


This isn’t saying the election isn’t important, or that your vote doesn’t matter, or that you shouldn’t be involved in politics. Because of course those things are important and they matter. 


But you have to do it in a way that doesn’t allow the results that are beyond your control to take over your life and prevent you from controlling the rest of your life. This episode isn’t telling you not to be political, it’s about learning how to do so in a constructive way that you control.


Don’t react to what triggers you. You have to engage the world in a positive and personal way. I’ll talk about how you can do that on this episode.




What we’ll talk about in this episode


  • How to stop reacting to politics as a trigger and learn to engage with the world from a healthy self-image


  • Judging others is bad for you. It doesn’t matter the context, if you’re using politics to judge others, then this is only going to hold you back


  • How to separate your emotions from things that you can’t control 


  • How your response to politics affects your habits


  • Learn how to recognize patterns of behavior that affect you for good or bad


  • Finally, I’ll discuss something you can practice in your daily life that will help you engage the world with positivity and not just react to the world 


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Of course, that’s going to be different for everyone, so I’d love to hear about yours. Let me know about your AHA moment by emailing me at [email protected]


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