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 Hey there! I’m Anthony Serino, a mindset modification coach and professional hypnotist helping people overcome their subconscious fears and release their mental blocks, so that they can transform their lives from the inside out. 


There was a time when I was in your shoes.

I was born 7 weeks premature with a birth defect that required two life-saving surgeries. Growing up with physical abnormalities crushed my self-esteem and made it tough to navigate relationships. I had this constant fear of being exposed, which ended up messing with a lot of areas in my life.

Then, one day while I was away at college, I got a call that changed everything. My cousin told me that my uncle, who was like a father to me, had taken his own life. Just like that, he was gone.

Fast forward to 2016, and I was fat, suicidal, and broke. I weighed over 330 lbs, was riddled with health anxiety, and constantly undergoing tests and MRIs, even a bone marrow biopsy, because I was terrified of being sick. I had a crippling fear of flying, which made me miss flights and vacations, and my anxieties were running my life. The worst part? I knew what I needed to do to change but just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

One day, I decided to drive down the highway with the intention of ending my own life. Hands off the wheel, eyes closed, I prayed it would be fast and painless. But something overcame me, and I put my hands back on the steering wheel and opened my eyes. I wasn’t ready to give up. I was ready to change.

A few weeks later, a friend mentioned I should try hypnosis. Even though I laughed it off, I figured, why not? I had tried everything else. I did one session via Skype, and it completely changed my life. I saw another hypnotist to tackle my fear of flying, and almost overnight, my anxieties disappeared and I started making more money and growing my tattoo removal business. The shift was immediate.

I decided I wanted to learn more and help others experience the same transformation. So, I went to Toronto to study with Mike Mandel at the University of Toronto and started giving sessions to friends and family, who also saw amazing results.

No one was able to discount the transformation they had had from hypnosis. So, inevitably, I started attracting paying clients who wanted to lose weight, quit smoking, and level up in their businesses. I got so busy that I decided to sell my tattoo removal business and focus full-time on hypnosis.

Through self-hypnosis, I eliminated my fear of being seen, which I developed as a child due to the scars on my body from my heart surgeries. Little did I know, removing that blockage would lead me to gain over 1 million followers on TikTok and my reach now expanded far beyond my small corner of New York. Now, I help millions of people every single day. How powerful is that?

Ever since my uncle’s death, I’ve had a relentless desire to show people that there’s hope. I’m here to help you overcome the mindset blocks that are stopping you from becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. My work is about showing you there’s a better way and helping you manifest a life you’re proud of.

Ways to Work with Me


Here is the *simplified* breakdown


What do you want? Why do you want it? What would I believe if I already had it? How would you feel if you already had it? Who would I be if I already had what I wanted?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself to gain clarity on what it is that you actually want in your life, because honestly, most people don’t even know what they want. If you don’t know what you want, then you cant get clarity on how to become that version of yourslef. And in that case, you will stay stuck in the same spot until you finally make the change. 


You have to focus on the things that you want. You can do this with things like hypnosis, tapping, meditation, EMDR, whatever your preferred method is. My preferred method is clearly hypnosis because it works the fastest by getting to the root of the issue.

Your brain is like a GPS system. When you give it the destination, and then you reprogram your subconciousc mind with these modalities, it is going to do everything automatically. It’s going to produce the habits, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are automatically going to bring you to the life that you want. 


In order for you to get from gaining clarity on what you want to actually having it, you have to take action.

 You also need to share your intention with others. When you tell other people,  you will find new opportunities, new conversations, and new relationships come to you because you told other people and used your voice. 

As this happens, you must be willing to take action on them. It’s the only way.


Due to the influx of requests Anthony gets on a daily basis for 1:1 sessions, we have created two options to work with Anthony directly.

The Inner Circle is a private community of people who are committed to development and growth. This community includes access to Anthony’s courses, Hypnosis Audio Library, and weekly group coaching and hypnosis sessions. During these sessions, you have the opportunity to unmute yourself and talk to Anthony directly, and receive the personalized feedback that you may need when doing inner healing work.


This is a 6 week private mentorship with Anthony Serino. You will gain clarity on your goals and who you need to become in order to achieve them. You will work weekly with Anthony to uncover subconscious blockages and through hypnosis, you will release these wounds to completely transform your life. See the success stories below to see how this private 1:1 mentorship could benefit you and your unique goals. 

* limited to 5 people*


Success Stories

Anthony works with entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and other super-achievers from all over the world. Check out some of their motivational Success Stories below:


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