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TMM #007: 🫣 3 Signs your manifestation is doomed

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2023

The Manifestor's Manifesto, Issue #7


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Does it ever feel like your manifestation is so close yet so far? It’s as if the closer you get to your desired outcome, the more impossible it seems. 

In this week’s issue of the Manifestor’s Manifesto, you’ll learn the 3 telltale signs to lookout for so you don’t end up sabotaging your own manifestation. If you catch yourself with a sly smirk as you continue reading, it’s because you know you’re guilty.

The first sign to look out for is your level of attachment to what it is you’re trying to manifest. Take a moment and think about the money, the car, the specific person… just bring your attention to your manifestation. And now ask yourself, “On a scale from 0-10, how attached am I to having this thing/person?”

Let’s say level 10 is “OMG I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT” and level 0 is you couldn’t care less. 

Great, now first impression, what number comes to mind first? 

If your level of attachment is above a 4, then you will constantly be pushing your manifestation further and further away. This is because your attachment to anything comes with anxiety and self doubt when you don’t have it yet. And those feelings of anxiety and self doubt are the kryptonite to your manifestation. 

But let’s say you work on your level of attachment and you feel confident you’ve detached yourself from any one specific outcome – what do you look out for next?

The second sign that your manifestation is doomed is if you have a fancy vision board somewhere, but you haven’t done the deep inner work first. Meaning, you’re trying to manifest without changing your subconscious programs. 

Your manifestations will ALWAYS be a reflection of your beliefs, fears, and perspectives. ZERO EXCEPTIONS.

Show me your bank account, and I’ll show you your beliefs about money and success. Show me the number on the scale and I’ll show you your programs around food and your self-image. Show me your relationships and I’ll show you your beliefs about your self worth and love. 

The point is, you MUST align your subconscious programs with your manifestation FIRST before you attempt to use any tricks or methods like vision boarding. 

Why? Well, if you walk past that vision board every day without changing your beliefs and eliminating your fears first, then those images just become a reminder that you’re not yet the type of person you need to be to have what you want. 

Queue the self-doubt. 

Ok, ok… the attachment is gone and you’ve started modifying your subconscious programs.

What else could possibly be blocking your manifestations?

The third and final sign to watch out for is your resistance to taking action. If you know what you have to do to get what you want, but you’re not doing it, then at some level you still have fear or self doubt preventing you from taking action. 

The ONLY reason people procrastinate and fail to execute is because they are afraid of something.

Are you afraid to look stupid if you make a mistake? Are you afraid of what your friends and family might think if you put yourself out there? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid that it’s too difficult and you doubt your own abilities?

If so, you have a program of fear or self doubt that is blocking your manifestation.

And yes, in order to manifest anything, action is required. No matter how you slice it, between you and your manifestation is TIME & SPACE. While we may be spiritual beings, we are still having a human experience. And with that, comes some limitations imposed on us by the physical world.

We’ll save the conversation about the spiritual and quantum worlds for another time, but let’s recap what you just learned.

The three BIG signs you’re sabotaging your own manifestation are:

1) Your level of attachment is too high

2) You’re using things like vision boards without changing your subconscious programs first

3) You have resistance to taking action 

When you detach, reprogram, and take action, your manifestation will become an inevitable reality.


Keep the change,



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