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TMM #010: 💰 The real reason the rich get richer

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2023

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Why is it that some people effortlessly achieve success and crush their goals while others are living paycheck to paycheck despite working harder?

Perhaps that’s you. Struggling day in and day out just to get ahead. But no matter how hard you work, pray, or try to manifest success, you keep coming up short.

Well there’s a reason for that and in this week’s issue of The Manifestor’s Manifesto, I’m going to share something with you that was taught to me by an uber wealthy real estate mogul who never seemed to struggle a day in a life.

In order to protect his anonymity, we’ll call him Bob.

Imagine a 65 year old Ryan Reynolds playing a less lethal Deadpool. That was Bob. Badass but with limitless wit and a childlike wonder still intact.

He was as kind as he was wise and he shared something with me that completely changed the way I look at money and success.

A few summers ago, I serendipitously met Bob at a poker table in Las Vegas. He wasn’t dressed fancy or wearing a nice watch, but I could just smell the success on him from across the table. You know those sorts of people.

One of the best habits I’ve ever developed is that I ALWAYS ask successful people I meet for their best piece of advice. So after a couple hours of playing together and a bit of small talk, I asked Bob what’s the one thing he would tell his 30 year old self.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out at least $5000 in hundred dollar bills. He spreads the wad a bit, plucks out an old $1 bill, and holds it out in front of himself.

“Do you believe you could make $1 dollar tomorrow?” Bob asked.
“Of course. That’s easy. I could do that in my sleep. It’s ONLY a dollar!” I replied with a shit-eating grin on my face.

He then asked what $1 dollar means to me and I shrugged and said “not much.”

Without hesitation, Bob reached into his other pocket and grabbed ANOTHER wad of at least $5000 in hundreds. With the dollar in his left hand and about $10,000 in his right hand, Bob nods towards his right hand and asks “Do you believe you could make $10,000 tomorrow?”

I said, “to be honest, Bob, I don’t believe so.”

Knowing that would be my response, he asks “well, what does $10,000 mean to you?”

Before I could finish rattling off all the things I could do with the money, Bob cut me off.

“That’s your problem, son.”

“You think there’s a difference between $1 and $10,000.”

I didn’t quite get the lesson that day at the poker table, but a few weeks later, I had an “aha” moment about what Bob had said.

It all comes down to belief and attachment.

I believed I could make $1 because I had beliefs about what $1 represents. I thought to myself “it’s ONLY a dollar”. What if I believed that the wad of hundreds was ONLY $10,000?!

I also wasn’t attached to the dollar because, once again, it was ONLY a dollar. On the other hand, my attachment to $10,000 was far greater because of all the beliefs I had about what that amount of money would’ve meant for my life.

In order to manifest anything, your level of belief must be high and your level of attachment must be low.

The rich get richer because they are not attached to money the same as you are and their beliefs about money are not dictated by dollar amount.

Keep the change,


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