What is your IDENTITY?

Learn how who you are affects what you have.

As a high performance coach and expert in habit modification, I've helped amazing individuals from all over the world transform their lives from within.

The Identity Factor podcast gives you an inside look at my science-based approach to transformation.

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EP. 3 - What Are Habits?

Habits are something you do repeatedly - and they’re not just actions, but also your emotional responses. And everything you have (or don’t have) in this life, is a direct result of the habits you’ve developed.

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EP. 2 - Why Your Story Matters

Your internal world creates your external world. You’ll learn how your identity affects and structures your entire life, including your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

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EP. 1 - The Foundation For Transformation

 There’s one thing that’s more important than willpower in creating success. That thing is IDENTITY, and in this episode I’ll show you how developing a healthy identity is your key to transformation.

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